The often-erratic reality show has been pushed back by a whole year.

Lord Sugar can take a year off of his TV duties in 2020, and save himself some money, with the news of the BBC show not being on the return to our screens this year. 'The Apprentice' being delayed in 2020 means that the next time we see the candidates running around like headless chickens won't be until autumn 2021, sadly.

The TV show's Twitter account posted the news on Wednesday morning, saying: "Sadly we have decided to postpone 'The Apprentice' for 2020. Production safety and the wellbeing of everyone involved in the show is our number one priority."

However, it's not all bad news as there will be a special highlights series airing later this year, which will look back at the show's turbulent 15 years. We're sure some of the show's previous Irish contestants, including Jennifer Maguire making an absolute hames while abroad in Marrakesh back in season four, will be making appearances throughout the throwback show. Oh and maybe that nefarious woman that is Katie Hopkins will be rearing her head too.

Here's the best viewer response to the latest season of 'The Apprentice' being delayed until next year.