It's that time of year again when 32 ladies come from all over the world to a small town in Kerry to have the chats with Dáithí Ó Sé, perhaps do a spot of Irish dancing (or even hoop acrobatics), and definitely DO NOT discuss their political views because how dare they.

As usual there was the mix of hi-jinx and banter you'd expect on your typical Rose of Tralee from Daithi eating raw onions to an impressive limbo and even a jive with Derek Ryan, but as is often the case in recent years, the running commentary on Twitter was where the real comedy gold could be found.

Here are 9 of the best tweets...

9. The Ultimate Rose.


8. Whoever is behind Today FM's Twitter account, we feel you.


7. *Nervous laugh*


6.  Poor aul always-the-bridesmaid Mayo.


5. And schpuds.


4.  Everybody duck! 


3. Wait... that doesn't happen? 


2. Lol.


1. Sound Wimmin has our vote.