It's hard to remember a time when we used to watch TV in Ireland without there being a steady running commentary on Twitter. It does make shows more entertaining in fairness - you're a witty bunch, you lot.

However there are some shows that people are far more likely to get tweeting to than others, and given that this data is collected over the course of the year, it is the shows that are on weekly that have fared better.

Those that are on Twitter a lot could probably hazard a guess as to what might make up the top five for 2017 in Ireland.

At number one, it's good old Vinny B, who has of course now retired from his role as host of The Tonight Show with Vincent Browne, but that still hasn't stopped him getting that twitter machine tweeting up a storm while he was there.

In second place, it's the Eurovision, which is pretty impressive considering it's only an annual occurrence and we haven't made it into the final in four years, but we are clearly all still mad about the whole affair.

In third place then there's RTE's Prime Time, while in fourth it's Celebrity Big Brother, and finally, in fifth position - the show the nation loves to give out about the most - The Late Late Show.