If you were around in the early '90s, you'll remember there was a really short-lived TV series based on the adventures of young Indiana Jones.

The show, for its time anyway, had huge production values and a lot of really well-known directors and writers working on the show, including Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption), Nicolas Roeg (Don't Look Now, The Man Who Fell To Earth), Mike Newell (Four Weddings And A Funeral, Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire) and loads of other names.

What's more, George Lucas even wrote and guided much of the screenplays and stories for the series. There was even one episode set in Ireland during the 1916 Rising with Indiana Jones getting into a fist-fight with Sean Lemass. Yeah, it was crazy.

One aspect of the series that might have worked against it with audiences might have been that Harrison Ford was nowhere to be seen. After all, it was Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

However, in one particular episode, Ford turned up in the fedora and bullwhip and it's... well, weird. Really weird. It's like seeing a character out of place, out of time, out of context, but it's them.

The episode was called Indiana Jones & The Mystery Of The Blues and, by all accounts, it's a bit of a nothing story. Jones, then a young man working in a restaurant gets caught up in a murder investigation. The story then flicks back to a middle-aged Jones who rediscovers his old saxaphone from the era.

Like we said, it's odd. Take a look.

IT'S WEIRD, RIGHT? It's not just us, surely.

It's like that Ewok: Caravan Of Courage thing. It's one of those weird spinoffs that you're not sure is part of the whole Star Wars universe, but it's there and when it crops up again like this, it's very weird for everyone concerned.

The story is that Ford was growing out his beard for The Fugitive and was at a loose end for a few days and took the role for a bit of fun.