The incredible TG4 documentary 'Tras' has been praised online for its touching, raw account of what it's like to be transgender in Ireland.

'Tras' - the Irish word for "transgender" aired on TG4 last night. It told the story of a young Irish transgender couple, Max and Victoria, and highlighted the obstacles they face, and the challenges they undertake, as they carve out their own identities in an Irish society.

Over the course of six months, the documentary followed Max and Victoria as they travel from Sligo and Cavan, to Warsaw and back again. The couple gave viewers a frank and honest insight into the challenges they face as transgender people in Ireland today.

Covering topics such as gender dysphoria, coming out, mental health difficulties, family acceptance, and gender confirmation surgery, 'Tras' is ultimately a love story. It's a tale of two personal, intertwining journeys, told by those whose voice is rarely heard in Irish society.

'Tras' is one of TG4's most recent documentaries, under the 'Tabú' headling from Dublin-based production company Midas Productions. 'Tabú' is a series of standalone hour-long documentaries, which cover topics including domestic violence, rural decline and medicinal cannabis. If you haven't already been tuning in each week, you should put it on your TV radar.

Here's the lovely reaction the transgender documentary received on Twitter.

If you missed last night's episode, a repeat of the transgender documentary will be aired again on Sunday night at 11.05pm - or you can head over to TG4's on-line platform BLOC (by clicking here).