We are only one night in but already there are tensions in the 'Love Island' villa thanks to the arrival of the twins. In fairness though, any 'Love Island' fan worth their salt knew that the show would soon throw a cat amongst the pigeons, but no doubt the Islanders were surprised to see that the cat had a twin.

Jess and Eve arrived in the final moments of last night's opening show and are now tasked with choosing a guy to couple up with. As they are the only single ones, this means the twins will have to break up a couple, leaving two ladies vulnerable to being voted off.

The two have told the Islanders that while they have the same taste in men, they have never fought over one. However, that looks like it's about to change as the pair are seen clashing in the First Look teaser dropped for tonight's show.

It shows Eve revealing to her sister who she wants to choose with Jess saying, "I can’t believe you made that decision. How come you made that decision?"

See more of their tense interaction in the video below:


'Love Island' continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.