Stone the flamin crows! We were rather forlorn when we had to wave goodbye to Romeo and Liam on Home Away last week, and when the news about Brax's little break, well, broke earlier today, we couldn't help but remember all those lovely lads we've lost from Summer Bay over the years.

If they weren't be killed off in some sort of motorbike or boating accident, they were sailing off into the sunset with some seriously fine looking sheilas (while in reality, they were heading for the bright lights of LA.

Here, in honour of Luke Mitchell and Axel Whitehead's departure, and of course, Steve Peacocke's 'Herculean' triumph, are just Ten Home and Away hotties we miss rather dearly...

1. Kim Hyde aka Chris Hemsworth
The surly son of school Principal Barry Hyde went on to break hearts and take names, enjoyed a relationship with an older woman (Rachel), was fooled into thinking he was Hayley's baby daddy, and eventually sailed off into the sunset with Kit and his real son, Archie. As for Chris? Well, he captained the USS Kelvin before picking up one hell of a magnetic hammer. The rest, as they say, is hisTHORy... *ba dum chh*

2. Aden Jeffries aka Todd Lassance
We hated him, loved to hate him, and then fell hell over heels in love with him as Nicole, and finally Belle, took the edges of this young buck. Aden went from tormented troublemaker to one of the gang before our eyes, eventually becoming part of one of the most popular Home and Away couples of all time. Sure the fans are still hoping for a Dallas style shower scene return for Belle after all these years... Pity, Todd's a wee bit busy with Spartacus, War of the Damned.

3. Ric Dalby aka Mark Furze
Ah Ric. Between the dodgy attitude and the even dodgier hair, we didn't quite know what to make of him for a while. He had a fling with Belle, a thing with Cassie, and left poor young Matilda heartbroken when he brushed off her earliest advances. Who knew they'd end up together eh? But not before Ric got himself into all sorts of trouble, went boxing in some rather dodgy places, and slept with yer wan, what was her name? Oh yeah, Viv. Mark went on to do Soapstar Superstar in the UK, and we believe he's still working on the music career at the moment.

4. Noah Lawson aka Beau Brady
Noah swanned into Summer Bay on a white horse when he saved Hayley Smith from a gang of thugs at a nightclub, and thus began a whirlwind romance that made us all want a boyfriend with blonde tips. Bad boy Noah managed to reform himself, eventually becoming a counsellor at the Drop-in Centre, and marrying the lovely Hayley not long after she turned 21. But the path of true love never did run smooth in Home and Away, and we had to say so long to Beau when psycho Sarah shot Noah in an armed siege. Joy. As of 2012, Brady wasn't doing an awful lot, but he did appear in an ad for a fridge at home in Australia, apparently.

5. Jack Holden aka Paul O'Brien
Look, we're all a bit of a fool for a man in uniform, so it's no surprise that handsome young Jack managed to sweep us off our feet back in the day. His on-again-off-again relationship with Martha did get rather annoying at times, and that whole fiasco with Sam may have soured things a little, but that didn't stop us bawling when Angelo killed him. Since leaving the Bay, Paul has stepped behind the camera, and now runs his own acting school and production studio in Melbourne.

6.Vinnie Patterson aka Ryan Kwanten
If ever there was a Home and Away couple we loved it was Leah and Vinnie. This young fella first swanned into Summer Bay on a jet ski, and he left many a heart racing (including Gyspy's) with his antics. Sure wasn't he a harmless soul with a heart of gold eh? Remember when he dated Sally? Or that time he came back as a bear? There's no need to ask us what happened to Ryan Kwanten now is there? Sure he's strutting around topless on a different shore these days, living the high life as Sookie Stackhouse's brother on smash hit TV show True Blood.

7. Shane Parrish aka Dieter Brummer
Cast your mind back to the very early 1990s and you might just remember Shane and Angel. The star-crossed lovers were doomed from the off, but that didn't stop us falling in love with Dieter Brummer's wide-eyed bad boy. He fended off the advances of one Shannon Reed (Isla Fisher) in order to stay with his beloved blonde, but sure didn't fate tear them apart when Shane had a rather nasty motorcycle accident? He survived the crash itself, had his spleen removed, recovered, cut himself on a nail, and subsequently died. Dieter still kept going though, starring a few low budget productions before joining the cast of hit Aussie drama Underbelly, and making a guest appearance on Neighbours.

8. Will Smith aka Zac Drayson
Will Smith arrived into Summer Bay with his siblings back in 1998. While living with Irene this lads caused his fair share of trouble, but the Summer Bay matriarch quickly put him in his place. Will forged a rather volatile relationship with Gypsy Nash and had a brief but important enough relationship with Danni Sutherland before getting back with Gypsy, who just so happened to be carrying his baby. Will popped in and about of the Bay numerous times with his daughter Lily, before eventually stabbing Penn Graham to death, and leaving with a nice police escort. His fate remains unknown, and so does Zac's actually. Aside from the odd episode of All Saints, it doesn't seem like he's been up to much since.

9. Nick Smith aka Chris Egan
Now, you can't talk about the Smiths without mentioning Nick. The youngest of the trio, this blonde bombshell first landed on our screens when he was on the run from a drug dealer. Promising start so. Nick teamed up with Duncan Stewart, and the pair tore up the town somethin' awful so they did, before turning their attention to the rather pretty Sutherland twins, Jade and Kirsty. It took them a while to realise they weren't exactly dating the right sisters, and after what seemed like an age, Nick and Jade finally got together. Enter Angie Russell, the new school principal, and a reality TV series, and you've got a recipe for a bad break up. The pair split and Nick just so happened to get a call from a talent scout in LA. How convenient. Chris got the call in real life too though, and has since starred opposite Amanda Seyfried in Letters To Juliet, lead the cast of a failed TV Drama (Kings), made a small appearance in Eragon, and been cast as Dorian Grey in ABC's Poe.


10. Angelo Rosetta aka Luke Jacobz
He may have bumped off one of the other lads on this list, but that doesn't mean Angelo is any less deserving of a place on it. The hunky corrupt cop briefly dated Belle before she got back together with Aden, and got involved in some rather dodgy dealings with some bad developers (which ultimately resulted in Jack's death). He confessed to killing his former friend and became something of a Summer Bay pariah before rumbling Hugo's smuggling ring and redeeming himself. He later went into a bit of business with Brax and lived to regret it when it landed him in hot water. After falling for young Nicole and helping deliver her baby, Angelo eventually decided to up sticks and leave town with herself and George. Not a bad way to say goodbye if we do say so ourselves. And as for Luke? Well, he's done rather well, winning Australia's answer to Strictly Come Dancing and going on to host The X Factor Down Under.

Now g'wan, tell us who we missed... and just for the record, we're just not that into Geoff Campbell.