We were 'excirah and delirah' this morning when we clapped eyes on the first pictures of Tom Vauaghan-Lawlor and co out filming Love/Hate Series 4 in Dublin. The show's been off our screens since December now, and we've already been through the box set we got for Christmas at least three or four times.

It's funny to think that we're already on Series 4, because it doesn't seem too long since Robert Sheehan arrived on our telly one faithful Sunday evening. The would-be gangster with a heart of gold turned cold blooded killer had us all hooked, even if it was the Nidge Weasel who ultimately stole the show.

Anyway, in homage to Nidge, Darren, Fran and not forgetting John Boy, we've compiled a list of just Ten Memorable Love/Hate Moments. We know there are so many more, so make sure you let us know what you loved below. Coolaboola?

SPOILER ALERT - If you haven't watched Love/Hate, then we would suggest you look away now...

1. Meet Darren
No words necessary ladies...

2. Hi Robbie! Bye Robbie!
Well, nothing sets the tone for a TV series like a character being brutally gunned down in the first five minutes. I can still remember clutching a cushion as poor Robbie stood waiting for his brother to come and collect him. You could tell this wasn't going to end well from the off, but sure didn't it stay with us for the rest of our days eh?

3. Stumpy beats Rosie
Watching young Darren turn to mush for Rosie was probably one of the reasons half the country fell in love with the young fella formerly known as Robert Sheehan. Such a calm and gentle soul, young Rosie won us all over with her big eyes and warm heart. That's probably why we were all so horrified to see Stumpy beat her until she lost her unborn baby. Not cool.

4. Trish and Nidge tie the knot
Before My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding there was Nidge and Trish. Talk about your lavish affair. The choons blasting full force, this pair walked up and down the aisle in style, while a paranoid Nidge waited for Hughie and John Boy to mess it all up. Their little drive by was pretty comical in fairness...

5. Darren gets shot 1.0

When he met John Boy outside the pub at Hughie's funeral, we thought the end was nigh for young Darren, and a dodgy sense of unease took over when he walked away unscathed. Surely things couldn't end that neatly for our young anti-hero? Nah, cue a drive by on a bridge over some manner of motorway and now you're talking Love/Hate....

6. Losing Linda
Hell hath no fury like an Aiden Gillen scorned, and Fran learned that the hard way when John Boy ordered Nidge to pipe bomb his gaff. Unfortunately, Fran's missus, Linda, who Nidge just so happened to be doing the dirty on Trish with, was still at home when it happened. Poor Linda couldn't cope with her injuries and decided to end her life in harrowing scenes, which shocked the viewers and earned Denise McCormick an IFTA.

7. Good night John Boy
Aiden Gillen's John Boy was probably one of the best villains ever to grace Irish telly, so it was only fitting that his exit should be particularly dark. Content in the knowledge that he was off to watch a rival getting whacked, John Boy was high as a kite when he arrived into that pub. Little did he know the Nidge Weasel had his sights set on the crown. John Boy was gunned down in seconds, in a fashion that was chillingly reminiscent of the most horrific real life gangland assassinations.

8. Tommy gets Git
If there was one scene in particular that had us hiding behind the sofa, it was IRA boss Git's horrific attack on Siobhan. We breathed a momentary sigh of relief as Tommy came to the rescue, and then grabbed the nearest cushion as he proceeded to beat ten shades out of yer man, before throwing him to the ground and sending him to meet his maker among the beer kegs...

9. Nidge gets Tommy
Ah heyor Nidge, leave eh ouh! The crafty crime boss picked up a golf club and took it to young Tommy's head, all because he couldn't get his hands on Georgina. We really don't care who you can or can't get the leg over, don't go messing with our eye candy! He'd better be alive, or else we'll have nothing left to look at...

10. Darren gets shot 2.0
We refuse to refer to this incident as anything other than Darren getting shot, because we still live in hope of a Dallas style resurrection. Lizzie, we know you loved your brother and all, but there was just no need love. We're heading off to find ourselves a nice big blue hoodie to hide in...