So, the beautiful and talented people from the world of film lined out for the BAFTAs last night and, through the wonderful medium of the tellybox, we all joined the par-tay in London town. As always, half the world tuned in to watch as Stephen Fry dropped a fair few humdingers, Eddie Redmayne puked his guts out backstage and some people won awards, apparently.

Here, in no particular order, are our Ten Memorable BAFTA Moments for 2013:

1. Sally Field revealing Eddie Redmayne's little predicament
The wonderful Ms Field was looking only stunning as she took to the stage to hand out an award. It didn't take her long to reveal that she wasn't supposed to be on her lonesome though. Her co-presenter Eddie Redmayne (we're still convinced she called him Eddie Redmond), Ms Field revealed, was actually backstage being violently ill. "If I turn grey we'll know what it is", she warned. Nice.

2. Christoph Waltz's 'Bromantic' moment
Ah Christoph, what a wonderful actor! He popped up to the stage to collect the gong for Best Supporting Actor and seemed close to tears as he thanked a certain director for making it all possible. "Why I get to stand here is no mystery, because it says so at the beginning of our movie, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino!" he gushed, before referring to his thunder buddy as a "silver-penned devil". D'awwww, they're such a pair of Inglorious... bros.

3. Billy Connolly in general
Scottish funny man Billy Connolly was in flying form and couldn't contain his excitement as he took to the stage to present an award. "I'm overcome with joy at the very thought of presenting an unsuspecting stranger with a death mask on a stick" he gushed, before attempting to announce the winner before reading out the nominees. Luckily enough for Bill, he realised his error just in time.

4. Martin Freeman and Henry Cavill's unfortunate presenting partnership
The Hobbit was utterly dwarfed by the Man of Steel. Made for some amusing telly...

5. Anne Hathaway's acceptance speech
We think this one needed a lot more Claire Danes cryface, but were thankful Anne toned things down a little. Eddie Redmayne's mortification continues...

6. Two for you Ben Affleck. You go Ben Affleck
Argo f*ck yourself Oscars. Ben and Argo romped home with Best Director and Best Film for the billionth consecutive time (we could hear Bryan Cranston's jubilant screams all the way from Dublin). "This is a Second Act for me and you've given me that" said Ben, "This industry has given me so much that I want to thank you. I am so grateful and proud and so I just want to dedicate this to anyone else out there who is trying to get their Second Act because you can do it!" George Clooney probably summed up our feelings best with his response: "I've got to say Ben, if this is your Second Act, I don't know what the hell you are going to do for your Third Act because you are remarkable at what you do. You are smart, you know what you want but more importantly you love what you do and I can'tell you what an honour it is to work with you." Looks like Christoph and Quentin have some competition.

7. Danny Boyle compares Tess Ross to a Manchester United player
The Slumdog Millionaire director and mastermind behind the London 2012 Opening Ceremony was on hand to present a very special BAFTA to Film4's Tessa Ross (She's basically film incarnate and the reason we got to see movies like Slumdog, Submarine, Billy Elliot, Seven Psychopaths, In Bruges and Hunger. The woman gave us Fassbender, essentially) Boyle gave a totally heartwarming speech that was littered with some classic one-liners. "She is the Paul Scholes of the British Film Industry", he stated, and yes, the audience chuckled accordingly. Bravo.

8. Samuel L Jackson being Samuel L Jackson
Hollywood heavyweight and Snakes On A Plane star Samuel L Jackson was on hand to dish out the award for Best Film. The actor made no bones about the fact that he'd flown in on a plane full of publicists, leading him to believe he was shooting the sequel for the critically panned cult classic. "I'm Samuel L. Jackson" he says, arguing that his means he can say whatever the hell he wants. We're not going to argue with Mace Windu.

9. Jennifer Lawrence's kiss down the camera
Brad Pitt eat your heart out, Stephen Fry convinced the lovely JLaw to continue the tradition by blowing a kiss down the barrell of camera 9 and the lovely lady obliged.

10. Stephen Fry
My my my, Stephen Fry was on FIRE this year. He started off with a particularly hilarious monologue featuring jibes about Tom Cruise and Scientology,told the viewers at home that they were as welcome as George Clooney at a hen party, confirmed he'd organised a dance with Jeremy Irvine (who's face was priceless) at the afters and even uttered the phrase RPatz before claiming he'd assume Argo was a film about Ryan Gosling. Then came the jokes about young men and pastries (Life of Pi), an assurance that Quentin Tarantino hadn't shot anyone yet, a joke about LinkedIn and Lincoln, and many more memorable one-liners that are sure to appear on YouTube eventually. Nobody does an awards ceremony like Mr Fry and long may he reign.