If there's one thing we love on d'telly, it's a good OTP (One True Pairing) to obsess over. It's the will they/won't they that has us utterly hooked and when they do get together we sigh and wonder why life can't be like that for everyone. And then, they go and break up or cheat on each other and the cycle stars all over again. Darn those TV writers, they certainly know how to keep us coming back for more.

In honour of the day that's in it, we've decided to take a look back through the archives and try to come up with a list of Ten Iconic TV couples that took over the tellybox. And don't be shy - drop us a comment below with your all time favourites!

Jack and Vera (Coronation Street)
Coronation Street would never have been the same without Jack and Vera. Sure, Ken and Dierdre are iconic, but lets face it, she’s copped off with Dev Alahan and he’s copped off with just about everyone on the street. So, we’re paying homage to Corrie’s greatest couple, the adorable Duckworths. Jack and Vera saw their fare share of strife, and like all good soap couples they had their affairs, but somehow they stuck together through it all. We bawled when Jack was forced to say goodbye to his rather formidable wife as she died in her sleep in 2008

Buffy and Angel
(Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Don’t have sex. You will lose your restored soul and attempt to kill your vampire slayer girlfriend. That’s what somebody should have told Buffy and Angel. These two were doomed from the off but that didn’t stop us from falling in love with David Boreanez and Sarah Michelle Geller’s on screen counterparts. Sure, she eventually fell in love with Spike and his heart broke into pieces when he lost Cordelia (Not to mention the baby he had with Darla, aka Pete from Mad Men), but Buffy and Angel are one of TVs most iconic couples and a list like this just wouldn’t be complete without ‘em.

Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl)
If there was one couple that dominated the telly fanzines on d’internet it was Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. This high flying posionous power couple had us locked in a 6 season will they won’t they stupor (in fairness, it did get a bit boring at one point, and during her dalliance with Dan our allegiances to Chuck were tested). She married a Prince and found herself up the Hilary, he slept with a 15-year-old and caused endless drama, but Chair were always destined to find their happy ending. Even if they had to mow down half of Manhattan to get what they wanted...

Zack and Kelly
(Saved By The Bell)
Long before Ross and Rachel there was Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski. These two effectively embodied teen romance until Kelly ran off with yer man, Jeff. The song that played during their totes emosh break-up still replays in my head every single time. Then Zack, for some odd reason, got together with Tori AND Stacey Carosi (aka yer wan from King of Queens). But sure didn’t we all heave a sigh of relief when Kelly wandered into that dorm room during The College Years? And if we’re talking SBTB then AC Slater and Jesse Spano deserve an honourable mention. And Screech and Mr Belding, for good measure.

Tim and Dawn (The Office)
If there was one TV couple we shipped until the cows came home it was Tim and Dawn. These two provided the ultimate on screen will they won’t they (much like Pam and Jim in the US Office). We cried tears of sheer frustration over this pair. Dawn’s annoying other half Lee was the source of all her problems and regularly stood in the way of the course of true love. We’ll never forget what happened when poor Tim plucked up the courage to ask her out in series 1. Rickey Gervais eat your heart out, for us Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis completely and utterly stole the show...

Al and Peggy
(Married With Children)
Love, marriage and some unruly kids. Al and Peggy had em all. The Bundys were the ultimate dysfunctional TV family, and Al and Peg were King and Queen of the tellybox for well over 10 years. There was nothing this pair did that didn’t make us laugh, and watching them battle with the next door neighbours was often as funny as their pillow talk. Peggy didn’t mind Al oogling other women because she was more than happy to have a gawk at some fine young fellas herself. And one thing was certain, these two would never cheat. Love ain’t all about your fairytale endings now is it, eh Frank?

Carrie and Mr Big
(Sex and The City)
Sex and the City fans would argue that no list of TV couples would be complete with Carrie and Mr Big. These two were on and off more times than a... lightswitch? In the end though they found their way amid the madness of Manhattan. That’s not to say there weren’t a fair few ups and downs. If you ask me Carrie was on to a far better thing with Aidan but sure we won’t even go there - don’t they say girls always fall for the bad boy?

Matthew and Mary (Downton Abbey)
“We were a show that flopped”: Charming words there from Matthew Crawley, the iconic less-than-manly man from Julian Fellowes’ Downton Abbey. Himself and Mary couldn’t help but Eventually Matthew figured out that all he really needed to do to play the ice maiden at her own game was date a ginger. Sure enough, Lavinia flopped and Matthew got his‘stick’ back. Charming. I far preffered the bit of inter-class romantic banter between Sybil and Branson. Sure who wouldn’t love a bitta posh and a bitta rough eloping to Gretna Green at midnight? Pleny of people, apparently. So Matthew and Mary it is....

Ross and Rachel  (Friends)
We’ll never forget the look on Ross Geller’s face as he stood outside the doors of Central Perk on that dark evening before barging in to sweep Rachel Green off her feet. The popular pretty barista and the perk paleontologist defined TV romance for an entire generation and it took us ten seasons to find out if they’d get their happily ever after. Without this pair “We were on a break...” would be completely and utterly meaningless and we wouldn’t have had that awkward “take thee Rachel” wedding moment forever etched into our memory. Without Ross and Rachel no list of TV romances would be complete...

Biddy and Miley 
Ah sure, back in far more innocent times there was nothing like being allowed to stay up and watch Glenroe of a Sunday evening. As soon as that theme tune kicked in you knew it was time for drama. Much and all as we loved Dick and Mary, and Dinny and Teasy, there was one couple who captured the heart of a nation. Bella and Rita eat your heart out: Biddy and Miley were the stuff of romantic legends. Or at least they were until Fidelma convinced Miley to take a roll in the hay and Biddy bowed out in a pretty horrific car crash. The voices of their children still haunt us while we sleep... “Bidddddie, Miiiiiley”. Have they never heard of ma and da? Better get the Doyles from Fair City in to teach em a thing or two..

And now for some honourable mentions: John and Mary (Father Ted), Sam and Diane (Cheers), Sabrina and Harvey (Sabrina The Teenage Witch), Lucy and Ricky (I Love Lucy), Mitchell and Cameron (Modern Family), Kurt and Blaine (Glee), Joey and Pacey (Dawson’s Creek), Scott and Charlene (Neighbours), Alf and Ailsa (Home and Away), Tyrone and Fiz (Coronation Street), Bianca and Ricky (Eastenders), Gavin and Stacey (Gavin and Stacey), Charlie and Brax (Home And Away), Smithy and Ness (Gavin and Stacey)