As a natural born ginger I've got quite the soft spot for my fellow redheads, especially those ones who've gone on to prove themselves to be 'fierce good' actors on d'telly.

Tonight, model and journalist Angela Scanlon takes to RTE Two to reveal what life is like for Irish gingers, so there's never been a better time to pay homage to some of the finest and fiercest redheads on TV.

Here are just 10:

1. Damian Lewis
Ok, so Homeland isn't half as good as it used to be right now, but this lad was flying the flag for redheads long before he stepped into Brody's shoes. Forsyte Saga anyone? And he's a pretty good dancer to boot...

2. Christina Hendricks
Now there's a lady who proves that being ginger is by no means a bad thing. Neither herself nor Joan would be the same without those luscious red locks now would they? (She's actually a blonde, but she's been dying it red since she was 10, so we figure we'll let her join the club)

3. Conan O'Brien
Whether you love him or loathe him, you've got to admit, Conan O'Brien is probably one of the most powerful flame haired fellas in television. The chat show host is a bit of an institution in the US of A, and sure isn't he fairly popular on this side of the Atlantic too?

4. Alyson Hannigan
Whether she's fighting vampires with Sarah Michelle Geller or having the craic on How I Met Your Mother, Alyson Hannigan has to be one of the most recognisable redheads on modern day television. We think she makes a pretty decent brunette too though...

5. David Caruso
We think we'll let Horatio Caine... do the talking.

6. Rose Leslie
Sure even Game of Thrones' Jon Snow couldn't help himself around this Wildling, wha? Rose and her gorgeous ginger locks have previously popped up in Downton Abbey too. Remember housemaid Gwen? Who was best pals with Sybil? Yeah, that was her.

7. Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Eric Stonestreet may get some of the better one-liners but that doesn't stop Jesse Tyler Ferguson from bringing the funny on Modern Family. We simply can't imagine what the show would be like without its resident redhead.

8. Karen Gillan
Taking things back a little closer to home (across the sea to be precise), we can't talk TV redheads without mentioning Karen Gillan. The Scottish actress shot to fame as The Doctor's redheaded companion, and sure wasn't her hair only gorgeous before she shaved it all off for Guardians of The Galaxy? *sob*

9. Kevin McKidd
Forget Doctor McDreamy now ladies, because if there's one man we love in Grey's Anatomy it's got to be Kevin McKidd. We can TOTALLY see why Cristina Yang couldn't say no to this lad (at one stage anyway, lets not mention the war). And sure hasn't he got a lovely Scottish brogue too?

10. Bosco
'Nuff said.

Oi Ginger! is on RTE Two at 9.55pm