We all know that glorious feeling of finally getting to put our feet up after a hectic day, as you claim your rightful place on the couch and get to switch off at last. That's it, you're done, you don't want to think of anything other than maybe who's turn it is to put the kettle on. More often than not you want something that isn't too taxing to watch, that will make you laugh, help you unwind and give you the downtime you have most definitely earned.

From this week, Sky’s premier entertainment channel Sky One will be bolder, edgier, and altogether more grown up, as a whole host of new and returning entertainment juggernauts and comedy dramas hit your TV screens.

Here are nine Sky One shows to help you switch off and be entertained in these darkening evenings:

1. A League of Their Own: Series 12 – Thursdays 9pm

James Corden may be killing it over in the states with his late night talk show, but he still hasn't forgotten his routes this side of the pond and returns for the 12th series of his BAFTA-winning sports panel show shortly. Of course he will be joined by his partners-in-bants Jamie Redknapp, Freddie Flintoff and Jack Whitehall, with the lads just fresh from their second US road trip. This new series is set to feature even more ridiculous tasks, great guests and tricky trivia with Sir Bradley Wiggins, Anthony Joshua, Mo Farah and Piers Morgan are among the famous faces lined up to appear.


2. The Russell Howard Hour – Thursdays 10pm

This popular UK comedian kicks off a new entertainment show on Sky One shortly which sees him giving his take on the news in the week that was. He'll be getting some help from celebrity guests while there will also be stand-up too as he showcases some of comedy’s finest and most exciting stars. Perfect evening viewing to kick back to.


3. Sing: Ultimate A Cappella – Fridays 9pm

Acca-amazing. Those of you waiting in anticipation for the third and final Pitch Perfect movie can pass the time by watching this brand new talent show on Sky One. The new series is hosted by Cat Deeley, marking her return to UK television following her success in the USA. It will see 30 a cappella groups from all walks of life competing against each other, with no help from backing tracks or instruments - just their raw vocal talent. The show will also see the groups collaborate with a host of exciting guests, including our own Imelda May. What could be more delightful of an evening than watching some wholesome a cappella groups giving it their all?

4. Bounty Hunters – Starts 25 October, 10pm

Jack Whitehall has a new action-comedy series on the way alongside Rosie Perez (White Men Can't Jump) that looks like it could be a bit of craic. Whitehall plays the book-smart Brit Barnaby who teams up with a tough Brooklyn bounty hunter by the name of Nina. When a dodgy deal masterminded by his antiques-dealer dad (Robert Lindsay) lumbers him with a treasure looted from the Middle East. They set out to get back his cash, but things quickly go very wrong when they run into police, terrorists, oh… and a Mexican drug cartel. And sure hilarious shenanigans ensue.


5. Marvel's Inhumans – Starts 25 October, 9pm

If you want to take comfort in knowing there is an even more dysfunctional family than yours out there, then you will definitely need to meet this lot. The Inhuman royals are the type of household where a shouting match could obliterate a planet and stomping out of the room could level a continent. Life takes a twist for them however when the head of the family (Black Bolt) comes face to face with his brother Maximus who is determined to take over as king. Maximus is played by Iwan Rheon, who will be known to many as the ferocious Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones, so eh, rather Black Bolt than us.


6. Strike Back - Starts 31 October, 9pm

This action-adventure/spy-drama returns for its sixth season shortly after a two-year break. Don't worry if you haven't seen it before though, as there are new characters and a new enemy so all you need to know is that this lot are in a secretive branch of the British Defence Intelligence service called Section 20 and operate high-risk missions throughout the globe. Sergeant ‘Mac’ McAllister (Warren Brown) leads the new unit (Daniel MacPherson, Alin Sumarwata and Roxanne McKee) as they hunt for a missing terrorist while uncovering a shedload of criminal activity along the way.


7. Living the Dream – Starts 2 November, 9pm

Another Sky One Original Comedy which promises to deliver a bit of sunshine in the winter months, and it's from the team behind Cold Feet so we know it must be good. It sees Mal Pemberton (Philip Glenister) and his wife Jen (Lesley Sharp) pack up their bags and head for pastures new in Florida to run a booming RV park, but all hopes of a dream life go down the pan when they meet its potty residents.


8. Sick Note – Coming soon

Sick Note was one of our favourite Sky One comedies last year, starring Harry Potter's Rupert Grint and the always hilarious Nick Frost. The series is heading into its second season and follows the story of compulsive liar Daniel Glass (Grint), who is wrongly diagnosed with a terminal illness by his incompetent doctor (Frost), and when the truth comes out, the doc convinces him to keep the lie going and naturally enough, it soon leads to many more deceptions. This series also stars Don Johnson and Lindsay Lohan, randomly, while Little Britain’s Matt Lipsey directs.


9. Delicious: Season 2 – Coming soon

Sky One’s highest-rating drama since 2011 returns for a second series with Dawn French and Emilia Fox reprising their roles as Gina and Sam. If you missed out on the first series, it starred Iain Glenn as Leo, a lothario who was married to Sam but having an affair with his ex-wife Gina. However, he died just as Sam discovered what was going on, leaving the two rival ladies in charge of Leo's hugely successful hotel. Season two picks up a year on from his death and business is booming and Gina (French) and Sam (Fox) are on top. However, success seems to attract unwanted attention. Iain Glen will also be returning on narrating duties while the wonderful Sheila Hancock also reprises her role.  

Three, Two, Sky One…

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