Oooh. This looks like it could be good. Three thirty-second teasers for the new miniseries based on the Coen Brothers' classic Fargo have gone online. Two of the teasers focus on Billy Bob Thornton - yeah, where's he been?! - and his deliberately kitsch / creepy presence on-screen. The other debuts Martin Freeman's Lester Nygaard sitting on a washing machine, but it then gets creepy very quickly.

What we can gather from the small amount of footage is that they're definitely trying to capture the black humour of the original film. The Coen Brothers are acting as producers and creative consultants on the minseries and casting Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton gives us plenty of things to look forward to. Glenn Howerton from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Bob Odenkirk from Breaking Bad and the upcoming Better Call Saul and Colin Hanks, son of Tom, will all be starring in the miniseries.

No word yet on a Irish / UK airdate, but it's expected in the next couple of months.