Just incase you have not seen the latest episode of The Apprentice UK yet you might want to look away now as we reveal who got thrown out of the boardroom this week.

The Apprentice took a shock twist in last nights episode when Lord Sugar decided to fire not one but two candidates after a Caravan show sales task. Kurt Wilson and Natalie Panayi were both given the chop when they failed to generate sales and have consistently disappointed throughout the series.

Panayi broke down in tears as she tried to justify her position on the show but it didn't do her any favours. The former pop singer, yes we did just say that, was told by Sugar that she had not proven herself despite the 'hell of a lot of chances' he had given her. He then went onto to tell Kurt that Kurt, I admire your honesty. You know, that you do admit that it was the wrong product and you admit that you got it wrong as far as that's concerned... But Kurt, you messed up on this task, OK.'

Neil Clough lead his team to victory this week after impressive sales of £33,615. Now with only eight members left who is next for the chop. The Apprentice returns next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1.