If there's one thing you wouldn't want to be doing it's going around upsetting the Jedheads, but Tara Reid may well have done so when she revealed that John and Edward Grimes hadn't actually been cast in Sharknado 2. Awkward.

Despite tweeting pretty clearly that they were definitely on board to sing and star in the SyFy made-for-TV flick, the American Pie actress took a step back on the social networking site, claiming that she'd merely been throwing the idea around. She probably should have explained that to the twins though, because they seemed certain that they'd be part of the madness.

"So excited John and Edward @planetjedward will be making there first movie debut in #sharknado 2 and will be on the soundtrack! Woo hop" she said, leading the lads to start the old celebrations with their legions of Twitter followers.

Tara returned to the social networking site yesterday to deliver the errr, bad news, and attempted to skirt around the issue by encouraging fans to suggest other possible guest stars. So, it remains to be seen whether or not the boys will actually reunite with their Big Brother housemate on the small screen.

Either way, we're sure the sequel will jump the shark... *gets coat*