'First Dates Ireland' welcomed back 'Tallafornia''s Phil last night to the restaurant after his not-so-successful stint on the show last season.

Phil appeared to be a new man and was hoping to redeem himself after getting told off by his mammy for how he behaved last time. He was matched with Wexford woman Rachel and the pair actually got off to a good start with their love for Ibiza.

However, as much as he tried to redeem himself, Rachel saw through it and said afterwards that it didn't feel like he was being genuine.

Phil seemed to take it well initially although when Rachel said she would come back to the 'First Dates Restaurant' again and meet a "normal fella", he was not impressed. (Although that was a wee bit harsh of Rachel... just saying.)

When she left, he said: "Screw her. Like she's not going to find a better man down in New Ross, let's be honest. What's she going to do, find a better bloke in the pub? Get a grip, man."

So close, Phil, so close.


The biggest twist came when the credits showed that Phil was now back with his ex-girlfriend and they are expecting a child.