Sigh. We don't know why they keep trying to make us want to watch Big Brother. It had its time, we all thought it was a great novelty, but we are over it now. We are also over Tallafornia, and everything to do with it. So we understand the news that these two forces are about to combine may cause you a headache, but look, here we all are.

24-year-old Phil Penny is the Tallafornia star in question who is reportedly in talks with Channel 5 about appearing in this summer's series.

An insider told the Irish Independent; "The producers of Big Brother were in talks with Phil since they spotted him on Tallafornia which was screened on Channel 5 last year.

"It looks almost certain that he will appear among the housemates this June."

Although, as cringeworthy as he may be, he will probably have tough competition to out-do the rest of the inevitable nut jobs they put into that gaff.

Ah Big Brother... will you just feck off already.