Graham kicked off his new season last week with a fairly average opening episode, don't get us wrong, it was good, Denzel was a gent and all that but no major priceless moments. Except for Denzel's weird finger thing, which still haunts us.

This week there may be a bit more potential for banter though as Hugh Grant will be on chatting about his new movie The Rewrite. What? Hugh Grant can be funny.

Joining him will be his Love Actually co-star Emma Thompson, who has gone and written a lovely new Peter Rabbit book. And sure she's proven a bit of a laugh on the show in the past too.

As well as those two, up and coming Welsh actor (and bonafide roide) Luke Evans will be on talking about his latest movie Dracula Untold, which tells the story of literature's greatest vampire before he became the evil so-and-so we know today.

To top things off, Music legend Lenny Kravitz will be performing his single 'Strut'.

All sounds fairly promising!