Nobody messes with Rocky... except maybe this guy.

Actor Sylvester Stallone recently launched a new reality series called Strong on NBC, which sees male and female trainers compete in various physical challenges and the like.

However personal trainer Robert Fletcher has claimed that the concept of the show was his idea initially and has filed a $7 million lawsuit on Friday with the New York Supreme court. It detailed how he had came up with the idea for a series called "America's Next Great Trainer", which would feature "a number of personal trainers and trainees competing for an ultimate cash prize and title of America’s Next Great Trainer", and would focus on "the overall transformation of individuals in all areas related to health and fitness."

Fletcher also said how he had sent the idea for the show to Stallone's publicist as well as to the show's production company, 25/7 Productions. He added how he had originally recruited the show's host, Todd Durkin, but that Durkin had ceased communication with him in June 2015.

Representatives for Stallone and NBC have not yet commented on the matter.