Despite a hotly-contested voting session, there was very little to write home with this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

For the most part, most of the acts were decidedly middle-of-the-road with the organisers clearly jettisoning the outrageous antics of the previous ceremonies.

An equally middle-of-the-road, Whiplash-inspired halftime act didn't make huge waves with the audiences at home, making for a bit of a dull middle section.

However, the real drama came in the voting which saw a three-way race open between Russia, Italy and Sweden.

Newcomers Australia, however, finished up in place with Ireland sadly not making the cut at all.

During the voting stages, audible boos could be heard from certain corners whenever Russia received twelve points, prompting the hosts to publicly remind the audience about partisan booing.

However, it's alleged that during Conchita's interval concert and when she / he joined the Russian performers at their booth, Russian and Belorussian broadcast TV apparently cut to an advertisement during both segments.

Right so.

Thankfully, during the course of the voting, it became clear that Sweden was beginning to edge out Russia before winning with a convincing lead.

Overall, the show was a bit dull - but what happens now? Well, it's a similar setup to the last time.

There'll be a qualifying round in 2016 and a Grand Prix, much the same as this year.

As for the Swedish entry, you can get a listen here. Expect to hear this in a Spin Class for the next three months.