We haven't heard much from him of late but as we told you a few months back, Stuart Townsend is alive and kicking, and he's certainly looking rather, err, virile in the first trailer for his new US TV series Betrayal.

Seems our Stu is showing good old Charlize Theron what she's missing as he spices things up in sexy thriller Betrayal. We're not going to lie, we had a bit of a chuckle at the trailer (which might be a bit too racy for the kids), but it is nice to see the former heartthrob making something of a comeback. He was gas in About Adam and we did enjoy his time in the sun.

Betrayal tells the tale of Sara, a photographer whose marriage is falling apart when she meets a mystery man (Townsend). Despite her best efforts to stay away she ends up starting a bit of a steamy affair with this new fella, which gets even more complicated when he turns out to be her husband's court room opposition in a pretty high profile murder trial.

The show lands on ABC in the US on September 29th, and Broadcast reports that if you happen to have Channel 5 you'll be able to watch it here in Ireland early next year. "We have high hopes for Betrayal becoming an unmissable drama event," said Channel 5 head of acquisitions Katie Keenan. "The themes of sex, love, loyalty and treachery all combine to make this a compelling and gripping drama."

We'll wait until we've seen an episode to decide whether or not we agree with her...