They do say they love the Irish in America so perhaps that's why not one, not two, but THREE of our own exports (Ruth Bradley, Stuart Townsend and Edward MacLiam) have just landed themselves roles in TV pilots Stateside.

Bradley and MacLiam will team up for Big Thunder, a show that, like Pirates of the Carribbean before it, has been inspired by a Disney theme park ride. If you're wondering which, it's Big Thunder Mountain, a western frontier style roller coaster train ride.

In short, the pair will be in a period drama, set in a 19th century frontier mining town in the wild west. Provided they keep it to just the ONE wild, that's fine. MacLiam (who you might recognise from Holby City) will be playing the lead role, while Bradley will play Nora, "a nanny with a dark, hidden past".

As for Stuart Townsend, he's been cast as the male lead in Betrayal. Needless to say, it involves Betrayal, mostly on the part of Townsend and the young wan he's having an affair with. Anyone else having About Adam flashbacks or is that just me? He had an affair with Ruth Bradley's ma in that one.

Anyway, our Stu is a married lawyer who's having an affair with a married photographer. It's all adulterously fine and dandy until he discovers he's defending a murder suspect who is being prosecuted by her husband. Complicated.

But sure haven't they all done well eh? Big pat on the back.