It's Friday now and we are all just about getting over the Love/Hate drama, but we still can't help but be curious about the future of the show, or if there even is one. We were sceptical about it to be honest but it seems there is a chance it will go ahead without Nidge, and there may even be a movie too if director David Caffrey has anything to do with it.

Carolan spoke to after DIT's film festival and said nothing had been decided yet about the future the show but that he believed it could continue; "We’ve always lost big characters. It’s happened all the way through. We’ve lost Darren, John Boy. Every time we lose somebody that big, it’s difficult, but we’re without Darren for two series now."

He said the decision would be made relatively quickly too; "The next couple of days we’ll decide where we’re going and what we’re doing. We’re talking about doing a series 6, if we want to do a series 6. "

"It doesn’t take months to figure it out, it’ll only take a couple of hours to decide if we want another. All our focus had been to get through to Sunday, and how big a deal that was going to be. So hopefully we’ll figure it out real soon."

Carolan then went on to sing the praises of actor Tom Vaughan Lawlor; “Tom is such a great actor and he didn’t have a major role at the start, but one of the things was that I didn’t think we could hold onto Aidan (Gillen) or Robert (Sheehan) for too long and Tom was just this incredible actor that came between them. He’s just amazing and storylines can be written so easily for him. Look at him, he just eats up the screen. The same can be said of Charlie Murphy and Fran. You know we’ve had all sorts of amazing actors."

He went on to say that Nidge's final moments were his favourite scene so far, (note the 'SO FAR'); "It’s my favourite scene so far [...] There were so many elements to get it right, security, blocking off the roads – really anything could have happened to upset the day, if it was raining or if photographers turned up."

“It was very important that we pulled it off, because that scene had been building up for this year and last year, and if we hadn’t got it right, it would have been a disaster.

“It’s very, very powerful, like even when you’re looking at Warren looking out the window, everything was perfect."

Meanwhile director David Caffrey told The Herald; "I'd love to make a mega-movie, but I'd have to talk him [Carolan] into it."

We have no idea how a Love/Hate movie would go down either, we genuinely cannot see how any of it can continue really, but then we don't live in that creative mind of Stuart Carolan's so who knows how this will all play out. It may not be the same without Nidge, but could it be just as good??

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