'Celebrity Big Brother' kicked off last night but fans were left disappointed when Stormy Daniels didn't show up after it was heavily rumoured that she would be entering the house.

Turns out she was supposed to be but had to cancel last minute, and not because she didn't get offered enough money as was rumoured. It was actually a legal issue in a custody battle she is having over her seven-year-old daughter with her husband who she is in the middle of divorcing.

This came out today when Stormy - a former porn star who alleged earlier this year that she had an affair with Donald Trump - was due to appear on 'Loose Women' however as her segment approached host Kaye Adams announced that she couldn't be on the show due to 'legal implications', despite being just backstage.

Panellist Jane Moore then went to talk to Stormy Daniels in her dressing room and revealed after on the show what was going on: "Late last night, there was a custody development involving [Daniels’] daughter [who is 7] in the US – she’s in the middle of a divorce – and she showed me the official email proving that. And [Daniels] suddenly thought, ‘I can’t commit to this situation [CBB]."

Daniels wanted to go on CBB last night to explain why she wouldn't be entering the house but those plans were ditched last minute. Moore said that "it has now become a legal situation, with lawyers talking to lawyers" which is why she couldn't go on 'Loose Women' today.

Moore also said that Daniels said money was nothing to do with what happened with CBB and said that any money she would have received would have gone to charity. She added that Daniels was "very angry" and "she felt like she’d had her power taken away from her".

So there you have it, if you want to see who did enter the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house, head here.

 *Update: Celebrity Big Brother has made a statement via Twitter.