If ever there was a show that is unanimously loved and revered by all that have watched it, it's The Wire. Sure people argue about which season was best, which character they preferred but overall it is agreed that it is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. So the news that its creator David Simon has a new drama on the way for HBO, is pretty damn exciting to say the least.

The mini-series will be called Show Me the Money and is based on a Lisa Belkin book of the same name. The story will follow the mayor of an American city who is ordered to build low-income housing in white neighbourhoods, ultimately leading to racial divides. Maybe he'll even have good old Aido Gillen play the mayor again! Although he is pretty busy stirring it up in Westeros these days...

According to the Hollywood Reporter though, there are already a couple of stars in the mix for the six-part drama already, including Oscar Isaac (Star Wars Episode VII, Inside Llewyn Davis) and Catherine Keener (Captain Phillps).

Simon and his former collaborator on The Wire William F. Zorzi will write the script while Crash's Paul Haggis will direct, so it's pretty much guaranteed to be a belter really isn't it?

Since The Wire, David Simon has also worked with HBO on the miniseries Generation Kill and Treme, both of which received hugely positive critical acclaim.

So yeah, suffice to say we are looking forward to this one.

No air date has been given as of yet but we will let you know as soon as.