Since the debut and subsequent cultural phenomenon that surrounds Making A Murderer, Steven Avery's plight hasn't changed all that much.

The 53-year old is still behind bars and, for the first time since Making A Murderer's debut, he has sent a message from his prison cell. The scrawled message, "To My Supporter's: I want Evory Forensic Test Possible Done B/C I am Innocent" (sic), was tweeted by Avery's new legal counsel, Kathleen Zellner.

Zellner, who took over from Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, took part in an interview for NBC's Dateline and made a startling admission during it. When asked if she had new evidence to support Avery's innocence, Zellner replied that she did.

"Generally, since 2007, there have been significant advances in forensic testing... the clearest way to do this is with scientific testing," explained Zellner. As to what exactly she's uncovered is anyone's guess and, naturally, Zellner didn't elaborate. However, it was substantial DNA evidence that freed Avery originally back in 2003, so it's entirely possible something's been found again that frees him.

As we know, both Strang and Buting believed there was more than enough evidence to support Avery's innocence and felt they had the evidence to do so. However, prosecution did a pretty spectacular job of either discrediting that evidence or downplaying its significance. By doing so, the decision went with them and Avery was sentenced.

New evidence is all well and good, but unless Avery gets a new trial, there's nothing to be done here. Granted, the massive swell in public interest for the case means that, eventually, it will have to be reopened and examined. Already, there's been calls for Brendan Dassey to be given a new trial, with many agreeing that Dassey was railroaded into jail via unethical legal tactics and coerced confessions.