There was great excitement amongst fans of 'The US Office' recently when it was announced that there was a spin-off in the works, starring none other than our own Domhnall Gleeson.

However, one regular character from the hit sitcom that will not be making an appearance in the new show is Steve Carrell.

Although there was some speculation on whether he might factor in in some way, Carrell has confirmed that he will not be reprising his iconic character Michael Scott in the new series.

“I will be watching but I will not be showing up," he said at the premiere of his new film 'If'. "It’s just a new thing and there’s really no reason for my character to show up in something like that."

As previously confirmed, the new setting for the spin-off will be a daily newspaper office.

Carrell continued: "But I’m excited about it, it sounds like a great conceit. I love the idea - I guess it’s set in a failing newspaper company, and I worked with Domhnall Gleeson, who is one of the leads; I did The Patient with him and he’s an excellent actor and a super nice guy so I think it’ll be great."

A whole new set of characters will be introduced in the new series, although it operate under a similar premise to 'The Office', with the same documentary crew following the staff of a Midwestern newspaper on its last legs.