As we reported yesterday, The Crystal Maze is making a glorious return to our screens in the coming months - for a single episode for Stand Up To Cancer.

The early word was that the former Doctor Who and Death-Eater, David Tennant, was approached to take on the role of host, however it's now been confirmed by Channel 4 that Stephen Merchant will be hosting. In a statement, Merchant said that he was "a huge fan of the original series" and that he was honoured to take part.

"Richard O’Brien and Ed Tudor-Pole leave big shoes to fill, but I have size 14 feet, so I’ll do my best," said Merchant.

Here's hoping he's got smoking jacket and a harmonica ordered, because it isn't The Crystal Maze without them. What's more, the one-off episode will be filmed in London at The Crystal Maze Live Experience, which has recreated the entire set from the '90s

No air date has been set for the one-off episode, however it's expected to take place before the end of the year.