It's happened fairly quickly given that David Letterman announced his retirement less than a week ago, but Stephen Colbert is the man that will be stepping into Dave’s Late Show shoes it's just been confirmed. 

Stephen Colbert who has been presenting The Colbert Report directly after The Daily Show with Jon Stewart at 11.30 since 2005, will move from cable station Comedy Central to bigtime network player, CBS. 



The most interesting thing to keep an eye on here will be how much of his satirical, right wing persona he’ll hang on to for The Late Show. Colbert is an intelligent, witty and generally very funny host who is well versed in current affairs and respected amongst the Hollywood elite. He was never gonna be the man at Comedy Central while Jon Stewart was there (even though they're firm pals) and given Stewart’s power and wage packet there would be no point in him moving unless he fancied a personal change.

No date has been set yet, as CBS are waiting to see when exactly in 2015 David Letterman will retire - but it is happening and we should all be thankful it isn’t with Chelsea Handler.