'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' returned last night and what a return it was.

Host Stephen Colbert was welcomed by a packed, cheering audience as he walked onto the stage at the Ed Sullivan Theatre.

The audience was fully vaccinated.

It was quite an emotional moment for the host, his team, the audience in the theatre and those watching from home.

Colbert had spent the last 15 months - or 460 days - broadcasting from such locations as his bathtub, his spare bedroom, and a storage closet, to keep fans entertained, even during the toughest times of the coronavirus pandemic.

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' is the first show to re-open on Broadway.

"Suck it, Lion King!" the host called out enthusiastically. "Hakuna ma-suck it."

He even danced around with performers dressed up as vaccinations, and with audience members.

Watch his opening monologue here.

The first guest Stephen Colbert welcomed back to the Ed Sullivan theatre was fellow TV host and good friend Jon Stewart.

Naturally, the pair of them discussed the pandemic, vaccine science and the Wuhan lab theory.

It was quite a debate.

Check out the interview below.