In the battle for late-night television ratings, there can only be one - and it's either Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert fighting for supremacy.

For quite a while, Fallon's Tonight Night show was ahead but now that Colbert has finally hit his stride - thanks to incisive and witty commentary on the Grand High Cheeto, Donald Trump - the tide is turning and it now appears that Colbert is beating him on a regular basis.

In fact, Colbert now regularly celebrates his victory with the food of kings - pizza. In a profile piece by the New York Times, Colbert remarked that it was "pizza day" at the office, wherein his staffers are rewarded with pizza every Tuesday when they beat Fallon in the weekly ratings.

Considering that Colbert is now regularly beating Fallon, those staffers are probably going to have to switch to vegan pizza or something if they don't want to pile on the weight.


Via New York Times