Stephen Colbert and Conan O'Brien had a catch-up via video chat for the latter's late night talk show 'Conan', which you can see clips of on Youtube.

Stephen Colbert was the guest but both reflected on an even par about missing live audiences.

It actually got pretty touching as Conan reflected: "I miss the laughter.

"I miss the joy that I bring others."

Colbert was in there like a flash with a joke, "Well what about your show, do you miss that?"

Mind you the 'Late Show' host reflected on feeling the same.

"I miss the audience because I get all of my value from their praise," he said. "I have no self-worth at all. I only exist really in reflection to them chanting my name, so it's been rough."

Conan retorted: "When they chant my name now it's usually as an angry mob."

It just goes to show at times like this, even the supposed little things are missed. Social distancing and the lack of interaction and connectivity is taking its toll on everyone.