It's not every day a league match between Bohs and Rovers is graced with a superhero, but that's exactly what happened last night.

Stephen Amell, best known for playing the Green Arrow / Oliver Queen in CW's Arrow, turned up at Dalymount Park last night for his first "European Football" match. In a lengthy Instagram post, Amell described Dalymount as "an incredibly old stadium... literally between houses on a residential street," and meeting a fan of the series who accosted him on the way in.

As well as this, Amell also live-tweeted some of the match between Bohs and Rovers, which included this observation at halftime.

Before long, Amell ended up in Phibsborough's own Back Page and posed for a few pictures along the way.


If we see people turning up around town with arrows in them, hung upside down, we'll know where to look.


Via Instagram / Twitter