As we reported yesterday, Thomas Gibson - one of the lead actors in Criminal Minds - was unceremoniously fired after an on-set altercation with writer-producer Virgil Williams.

However, a number of staffers have come forward - anonymously, it has to be said - to Variety and reported that this wasn't the first time Gibson exploded on set. In 2010, Gibson was ordered by the studio to attend anger management classes after he shoved assistant director Ian Woolf during a late-night shoot.

At the time, some staffers expected Gibson to be fired from the show over the incident. However, Gibson remained on the show whilst Woolf left the show two years later for the spinoff Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

In 2013, Gibson was arrested and plead no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving. This incident meant that staffers on the show had to drive Gibson to and from the set, causing more friction on set. Gibson also reportedly made demands that the show's schedule be changed in order to accommodate him travelling to and from his home in San Antonio, Texas.

It was also reported that Gibson had a tense relationship with former Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore, who recently left the show. One staffer, who refused to be named, said that Gibson's exit from the show was "like a dark cloud has been lifted off that show... You never knew which Thomas Gibson was going to show up."

As it stands, Gibson will appear in the first two episodes of the upcoming season of Criminal Minds and then he and his character will be written off the show entirely.


Via Variety