They're no stranger to Emmy wins and this year they're going all out, with one episode that's yet to be seen the one being championed (which makes us all sorts of nervous and excited).

Having set the record for the most wins in one year at last year's ceremony, it's clear that HBO and the team behind 'Game of Thrones' are gunning for even more glory this year with a ridiculous amount of submissions across thirteen categories.

And all of that wouldn't be really anything of note, except for the nuggets of information about this season's final two episodes that are hidden in the submission.

Next week's 'Battle of the Bastards' episode was submitted in the most categories, and is the sole submission in the writing category for the show which came with the briefest of cryptic descriptions that reads: "Terms of surrender are rejected and accepted." While we know the episode is going to be Winterfell-centric, seeing as it's 60 minutes long this could allow us to visit other places where surrender is being considering, such as Meereen (either from Danerys or the Slavers) and King's Landing (Cersei to the Faith Militant). So we really can't pull much of anything from that single line.

The season finale is also submitted but in far less categories, and comes with the four word description: "Cersei faces her trial". So, that happens. As for what else will go down? That's anyone's guess.

Via EW