We all know she's planning to leave when her contract expires next year but since Chris Fountain's sacking it seems the Coronation Street bosses have had to think fast when it comes to Michelle Keegan's last few storylines, but The Sun claims that they have finally settled on a course of action for young Tina.

If you're not one for the old spoilers we suggest you look away now, but if you're quite happy to hear what the 'young wan' will be getting up to, scrolling down is probably your best option.


Still with us? Good. We shall proceed accordingly.

Tina McIntyre is going to become the other woman, apparently. As per the aforementioned tabloid newspaper (which strangely enough is usually spot on with this soap stuff) the producers are indeed going down that road again, and setting her up with none other than Peter Barlow. We'll give you a moment to let that one sink in.

Y'see apparently when you need an emergency storyline you just pull unlikely adultery out of the bag. It's like that whole 50 Shades of Dillon thing they've got going on over on Fair City of late. It's totally ridiculous, but sure they think it'll work.

The newspaper says the pair's 'shock affair' will take over the tellybox at Christmas, as Peter struggles to cope with Carla's ability to pay for everything in his life, including the wedding rings. Will we be watching a Tina/Carla catfight on the Street after Christmas dinner then? We haven't had a decent one of those since Gail and Eileen went at it in fairness.

And as for her beloved Tommy? Oh y'know, he'll just skip town after a massive off-screen argument. As you do.