He's been known by many names since that Love/Hate Season 4 opener, from the 'most terrifying teenager in Ireland' to the 'Love/Hate cat killer', and now actor Barry Keoghan's been revealing all about young Wayne and that Season 4 finale.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched it, for the love of fizzy orange, will ya ger'ourah'dah'garrrrden and come back later.

We don't think any of us were expecting to watch Wayne meet his maker in last night's Season 4 finale (ok, maybe a little, but y'know, it still came out of the blue) but for Barry the writing was on the wall from an early stage. "It was no shock. I think Stuart is doing brilliant job here showing that these characters in reality are in a very dangerous game" he said, "so I knew Wayne couldn't continue doing what he was doing and getting away with it."

And, believe it or not, the young fella even listed his own demise as his top moment on the series. "The scene were Wayne was about to die. That was so intense!" he revealed. "Tom Vaughan Lawlor is a genius. It was pleasure to share the screen with him, he is one of Ireland's best by far!" We're sure there'll be plenty of people who won't take issue with him on that one anyway.

Keoghan says he had a fantastic time working on the show, going into every scene with a 'no fear' and 'nothing to lose' attitude. He's rather looking forward to life after the series too though, and sure doesn't he have quite the busy year ahead of him, eh? Not only is he starring in a film with Aidan Quinn and Orange Is The New Black's Taylor Schilling, he's also got another project by the name of 71 in the pipeline, and has just finished a BBC film called Norfolk where, in his own words, he "got to lead with the brilliant Dennis Menochet".

So, another baby faced assassin is off to pastures new, but what will he miss the most about Ireland's grittiest drama? "The whole gang! They were really bang on, all of them! Caffo (director David Caffrey) makes you feel so comfortable", Keoghan said.

And we're sure he'll never ever be allowed to forget that cat now either.