When is it not all doom and gloom in Eastenders you might ask!? The Eastenders crew and cast have just filmed the funeral of one of the soap's characters.

Spoiler alert! Look away now if you don't want to know!


Looks like Michael is on his way out as Jessie Wallace, Shane Ritchie and Charlie Brooks all just finished filming his funeral. The character is said to be killed off in the coming months. According to The Daily Star he will be killed off 'after viewers see a completely different side to meek and mild Alice Branning.' So has Alice finally had enough?

A source told the paper, 'Viewers have already seen what Michael is capable of but he's only going to get worse. Alice has been in love with him for months and he's going to use her again to get what he wants - his daughter Scarlett. There will be lots of twists and turns along the way before he dies. The exact details of his death are being kept secret.'

Apparently this Autumn is going to be huge for Eastenders. The funeral scenes will air in November but we can expect plenty of drama up until then. 'All the cast and crew have been sworn to secrecy but it will be must see viewing for the fans. And there will be a lot of shocks and gasps when it all plays out on screen. Michael has been such a dark character and his exit is very fitting'.