Julian Fellowes
left a lot of Downton fans rather unhappy when he headed off on his Season 3 killing spree, and now it seems the drama will extend into Season 4. Well, they could hardly let the events of THAT Christmas Special go unnoted now could they? If you haven't watched it, don't read any further, and don't say we didn't warn you.

Maggie Smith, Brendan Coyle and co have been spotted out and about filming a funeral this week, and there's far more than just the gang in black on offer. Yup, we've even got a sneak peek at the headstone.

We'll be sad to see the back of Matthew Crawley, but we can't help but wonder why we didn't get the same big to-do for Sybil. Tut tut Fellowes, we'll be having words! Anyway, Season 4's apparently going to focus on Mary getting back on her feet, so we guess this little affair is the first step on that long road.

There's been plenty of information on offer of late, what with word getting out that Mary's getting a new fella, and the Abbey's even casting its first black character as the staff start to move with the times. We're keeping our eyes and ears open for the latest news, and still hoping beyond hope for a bit of Mary and Branson... Don't judge.