Prepare yourself EastEnders fans, Albert Square will lose a resident this week.

In what the soap is billing as 'disaster week', the drama will kick off tonight during Walford's In Bloom community event when a gas explosion will wreak havoc on the residents.

Not only that, but there will also be a fire in Beale's restaurant (unrelated to gas explosion) as well as a shooting while an ambulance will overturn with Linda and Johnny Carter inside. Yep, it's go big or go home for EastEnders this week.

EastEnders have not revealed which incident will lead to a death, but one character will definitely die.

We also don't know who was behind any of it, although all fingers are currently pointing to Max Branning and his revenge plan. Or maybe it's Bobby Beale - that devil child is definitely going to come back at some stage to kill them all.

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