Yes, really.

A formal complaint was lodged to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland about Ryan Tubridy's usage of the word 'Bejaysus' in reference to a Hallowe'en Costume competition held on the Late Late Show last year. The complaint, made by one Robert Thompson, was that Tubridy's use of the word 'Bejaysus' was "derogatory and should not be used by the national broadcaster."

The complaint went further, stating that the  "misuse of Jesus’ name (or Christ) is offensive to Christian people. There are many people who come under the general umbrella of ‘Christian’ who are regular misusers of the name of Jesus and unlikely to be offended. But Christians divide into two very broad categories - Christian by birth/in name and those by conviction, i.e those who have a personal allegiance to Jesus Christ. And it is that latter group who find this offensive, especially on a national and influential forum."

Right so.

RTE replied to the complaint, saying that it "was meant as a light-hearted compliment to the man’s costume and certainly not meant to cause offence." The BAI acknowledged that misuse of religious views is against the Code of Standards, content that could be viewed as offensive can be broadcast as long as it serves a creative, editorial or other purpose.

The BAI unanimously rejected the complaint.