There's been a lot of fictional rich people down through the years - Bruce Wayne, Richie Rich, and of course, Scrooge McDuck.

The pantless Scottish duck is up there as one of the most famous cartoon billionaires, but the question that's always plagued people for years is exactly just how rich is Scrooge McDuck is?

For sure, he's a billionaire because he's got that vault that he takes baths in - but precisely how big is that vault, and how much gold is in it, and how much is it worth in today's commodity markets?

Thankfully, this is the internet and someone's gone out done the math. YouTube channel Film Theorists did a series of calculations and came up with two possible answers, and took around 20 minutes to explain the methodology for the figure.

If you haven't got 20 minutes to spend on fictional ducks and collating the figures involved in their wealth, here's the figures - it's either $52,348,493,767.50 ($52.348 billion), $239,307,400,080 ($239 billion), $12,434,013,552,490 ($12 trillion), or finally $333,927,633,863,527 (that's $333 trillion, which is four times more money than there currently is in the world).

So, yeah, Scrooge McDuck is rich.