As if often the case in TV shows, people can get a little obsessed with the minutiae of things and begin to analyse and tally certain things.

Some people keep running counts of how many people die in Game of Thrones, for example, or in some other cases, they comprehensively tally the amount of coffee drank on Friends. Author Kit Lovelace managed to keep track of every single cup of coffee on screen from the ten seasons of Friends and created various charts, scales and diagrams - and the results aren't all that surprising.

Looking at Lovelace's data, Phoebe was the clear winner with 227 cups of coffee consumed over the course of the entire series - with Chandler coming in second 212. Now, you're probably thinking that Phoebe was drinking herbal tea or something, right? It's never specifically identified as to what she's drinking, so Lovelace assumed that whenever there's a cup, there's coffee in it.

When you break down the data further, there are some more interesting results. Monica, for some reason, had a spike in the amount of coffees between Season 4 and 5. Yet, overall, the amount of coffees on screen began to sharply decreased after Season 6. In fact, if we take Rachel as an example, she went from a series high of approximately 30 cups of coffee in Season 6 to just 15 cups in Season 7.


It makes for some pretty fascinating reading, to say the least. Someone needs to figure out how many litres of beer was drank during Cheers.


Via Twitter