It seems Bill Roache is still rebelling against his 'boring' label.

Speaking exclusively to "spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical magazine" Silent Voices, Bill had this to say regarding the end of the world on December 12th. All in all, it's positive. In other words, the world isn't going to end before Christmas (so still buy those pressies), instead we'll all just become less materialistic (so just buy small pressies):

"This will be the Golden Age, when a majority will know they are love and they are spiritual beings. The earth will continue to cleanse itself while material and negative things will collapse and cease to be… The energy and light of the Creator is love. Love is the life force, it is everything, it is the law of attraction. I have always known that there are beings around me, loving and guiding, and never more so than now… No one religion or philosophy has the sole rights on spiritual beliefs. I am not now, nor have I ever been a spiritualist. Understand we are all pure love, made in love, living in love. It is urgent to get this over. Time is running out."

To summarise, he deployed this parting thought: "We are love, love, solves everything, love is everything... wake up to the reality of unconditional love". Let those stirring words resonate the next time you see him sitting in his chair peering over his reading glasses at Deirdre, or bringing Eccles for a walk.

PS: Bill also believes we'll start communicating telepathically, and will all become fans of Astral planing. Roll on 2013!

PPS: Thanks to The Mirror online for bringing this enlightening article to our collective attention.