If you thought you'd heard the last word on the Teletubbies then think again. Someone has just discovered that there are baby teletubbies. 

Yes. Twosomes made up from Tinkie Winkie, Dipsy, La La and Poh may have procreated. 19 year old Lyen Krenz Yap first tweeted about it over the weekend and she saw them on Facebook post. She told Buzzfeed that she was 'shook' when she first made the discovery. 

"I was a big fan of the Teletubbies growing up," she said. "And to find out they had KIDSS I...shookt."

She then tweeted out screenshots of the post because she wanted her friends to be equally as shook and they were. As were a further 28,000 people who have since retweeted the images. 

But more importantly, people have a lot of questions.

It turns out the baby teletubbies are actually called Tiddlytubbies and were first introduced on the show in a 2015 episode titled 'Babies.' According to the official Teletubbies website, they are eight smaller teletubbies that live with the original four in their own part of the home dome. 

Their names are Daa Daa (green), Mi-Mi (sky blue), Ping (pink), Baa (deep blue), RuRu (orange), Duggle Dee (red), Nin (purple), and Umby Pumby (yellow).

There's still no official confirmation though on whether Tiddlytubbies are actually the Teletubbies children.

Via Buzzfeed News