Emmerdale: Well, that was some week in the Dales eh? Friendly neighbourhood psycho-killer Cameron skulked around the woods Hunger Games style before letting himself into the Woolpack with Zac's mighty weapon, all with the aim of winning back his beloved Debbie. Unfortunately for him, shooting Alicia (in order to give that Alicia-David-Priya triangle another kick start two days before the wedding, we presume) and injuring Marlon didn't exactly endear him to the young wan, who got a wee bit wet when herself and Chas ended up under water in the cellar... If only she hadn't locked them all into the pub, eh? Oh well, at least he got his comeuppance in the end: Didn't anyone ever tell him electricity and water were a bad combination? Meanwhile, Andy was once again left reeling as the women in his life ran riot: Sarah got herself locked in a barn while out looking for him, you've already read about Debbie, and Amy convinced herself she'd definitely get custody of Kyle, much to Joanie's dismay. Why do we have a feeling it ain't all going to be as simple as that? Meanwhile, as a massive storm wreaked havoc on the village, Moira and Declan seemed to put their differences aside. We wonder how long the lovely Megan will allow that little ceasefire to last...

Coronation Street: Sentimentality and screaming matches pretty much sum up this week on the Street as Roy and Hayley finally headed off on their emotional holiday to Blackpool. Between the bus, the beach and the ballroom we couldn't help but crack a smile, while chopping a few onions for good soapy measure. While Hayley was having her fortune read by the brothel madam off Channel 4's Shameless, Kylie was discovering her future was completely up in the air. Yep, after attempting to rip Tina's hair out in the Rovers Becky's rather vibrant younger sister found out that her little secret was common knowledge, and when she realised that dear old David had tried to kill Nick she couldn't help but call Lily's christening off half way through the ceremony before spilling her guts to the entire Platt clan. 'We were on a break' Nick moaned as a rather self-righteous Leanne (who'd be tempted to 'av it off or run off with Peter Barlow before her wedding if we remember correctly) stormed out of the church. Speaking of happy couples, Michelle hit the roof when Steve revealed he's bought the pub, hit it again when his mammy walked in the door, and blasted through it when her da announced he was getting a divorce before making a drunken pass at Liz.

EastEnders: You'd think Ronnie Mitchell was due some good news but this is EastEnders, so it's no surprise that Jack left her high and dry because she didn't want another kid quick sharp. He's almost as charming as Phil, who suddenly rediscovered his old love for 'faaaahm-ly' once the former copper was out of the picture. Meanwhile, Dexter was recovering in hospital after a bad bleed during his transplant operation (even when he woke up, we still couldn't understand him), Lauren was gallivanting around with her new fella (the head on him) and Fatboy was trying and failing to keep the usually perky Poppy happy while throwing a teen beauty pageant at The Vic. Elsewhere grandad David was coping with Carol's decision to leave with Masood by helping 'is little Tiff' out. He hooked the young wan up with boyfriend Bobby, clearly knowing how much it would annoy Ian Beale (who looks as though he's had a rug attached to his head, by the by). Then Alice put her foot in it with Michael by telling Janine she'd been having it off with her ex husband: The psycho convinced her they'd be running away together with Scarlett, before assuring her he'd die just like his mammy did (We think we'll actually miss him, in some suitably strange and twisted way). Plus Denis started what we can only assume is a long and bitter war with classroom assistant Whitney.

Fair City: Paddy and Viv's less than happy day arrived this week, bringing with it no end of awkward family situations. First there was the botched job that left Decco in daddy's bad books, then there was Viv's reluctance to say I do (after that near-confession to Dr Judy in the bedroom beforehand), that awky mo when Paddy was handed a weapon with which to cut the wedding cake, that hilariously bad photo of the pair the kids offered up, and finally, Viv's ingenious decision to crush some pills into her new hubby's champagne. Girl's got game. Meanwhile, Dean Dowling returned to town (we still always think of himself and Tracey, wha?) to help out little sister Shannon and reconnect with his daddy, and Zoe arrived home to Chez Fahey, only for the demon child to insist on her departure within the hour: Nothing says rebellion like standing on a few jellies and trading Hello Kitty for One Diretion, apparently. Elsewhere, sparks started flying between Orla and Wayne (we're guessing Maeve will be heading to Galway pretty soon) before she went on the oul wireless and tried to hook 2FM's Colm Hayes in for a Singles Night in McCoys, much to Yvonne's amusement. The DJ made a rather decent cameo, while Wayne stared longingly at the woman who isn't his fiance from behind the bar.