All the drama in soapland for the week ahead...


Oh no Emmerdale, please don’t do this. Don’t do an incest story line, we BEG you. Although we are too late if that picture is anything to go by. Pete struggles to fight his feelings for (his AUNT) Moira as he supports her through her relationship issues with Cain. It all escalates to this kiss which you will see tonight on Emmers… which Moira naturally enough doesn’t take too well and soon Pete has Cain gunning for him. ‘Tis like Game of Thrones with all this incest lark. Meanwhile, Rakesh faces the wrath of Adam as he discovers why there was a mix up in the DNA test while later in the week, Paddy’s affair will be rumbled by Aaron and it it looks like his and Rhona’s adoption could be put into jeopardy by Tess.

Coronation Street

Carla can’t tale the guilt much longer and drops a bombshell on Nick tonight when she tells him she can’t marry him… poor aul Nick. However, he isn’t going down without a fight, and convinces her to stay with him in. Later on in the week though, Rob may be her biggest threat to her future marriage as he wants to invest in the Bistro but Nick isn’t that keen leading to a war of words between the pair. Will Rob out his one night stand with Carla? Elsewhere this week, tensions are still running high for the Connors, Fiz finally uncovers Tyrone’s mounting debt, while there is romance in the air at last between Kevin and Anna.


There’s high drama tonight for Stacey as she ends up on the roof of the Vic with baby Arthur. Thankfully, Nancy and Tamwar soon realise it and alert Martin, who tries to talk her down. However, he’s shocked when Stacey tells him that Arthur is not his son – he is the son of God. Yes we know it all sounds crazy but postpartum psychosis is real and it has to be said that actress Lacey Turner is playing a blinder as always. Question is though, will Martin be able to get her and the baby out of harms way? Elsewhere, the Slaters are struggling to cope in the aftermath of Charlie’s death, and it’s not helped when Belinda rocks up blaming Kat for it. Ah here, who are you anyway Belinda? Bring back the other Slater sisters we say. Also this week, Phil confesses all to Sharon, while he also decides to go in search of his daughter Louise… her mother was Lisa if you remember, the one who shot him. Good times.

Fair City

There’s romance in the air in Carrigstown as Dean and Louise finally cop on and realise they are mad about each other – Hayley will be ragin’ – she’s always getting in the way that one. Elsewhere, Heather is still busy trying to get her claws into Shane, which unfortunately seems to be working. Dammit, we thought he was better than that. We’re still hoping Detective Farrah rumbles her evil step-sister soon. Also this week, there is tension/sparks between Jackie and Bob… them two are also only a matter of time.

Red Rock

Davey Webb is still on the run tonight but the Gardai of Red Rock are pretty close to honing in on him with a tip off leading to a frantic chase on Wednesday night, but will Sean finally be the one to catch them? Elsewhere, baby Luke is home from the hospital but will they be able to stay civil when Patricia and David come to visit? Also this week, Paudge returns to work as Beady makes an unwelcome return to his life. There’s just no shaking that fella.