Late Night on US television doesn't really have any wars anymore, but the slots are more competitive than ever with a few new faces added to the mix in a relatively small space of time.

Stephen Colbert was the big gainer, with David Letterman's replacement very much doing his own thing and adding more than 50% in the coveted 18-49 demo, placing behind perennial leader, Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.

Trevor Noah, who replaced Jon Stewart, saw a dip in ratings - which was to be expected given how highly rated his predecessor was - but saw an increase in digital numbers underlining that the younger audience are viewing online. It's still very early days for both he and Colbert. 

The most surprising thing is John Oliver's staggering success on HBO for Last Week Tonight - his weekly comedic rant that also plays almost like a TED talk. He's not far off ABC's Jimmy Kimmel, who himself rose solidly in the ratings in the last year.

For our money Conan O'Brien is the most entertaining talk show host on television at the moment. He's consistently hilarious, whether he has big name guests on or not - and he also does huge YouTube numbers. Those digital and 'viral' numbers are becoming increasingly important for the networks as they look to skew younger. Conan's audience are dedicated, compared to someone like Fallon's who might dip in and out, but still add to his admittedly impressive numbers.

Anyhow, BEHOLD the chart via THR