Yesterday was the first episode in the drama filled thirtieth anniversary week of EastEnders, in which we are finally going to find out who killed Lucy Beale. All and sundry had been saying it would be Thursday when we would discover what happened but last night it appeared Max Branning announced that it was in fact Abi Branning who had killed Lucy.

The final moments of last night's episode saw Max tell his daughter Abi. 'Lauren knows you killed Lucy.' Queue doof doof!

Or.... did he say 'Lauren knows WHO killed Lucy'? We heard 'YOU' perfectly clearly but as this was a live scene and actor Jake Wood has been known to fluff the odd live scene or two, fans took to social media speculating if he meant what we all thought he meant. Wood got in on the hype and did clear up the frenzy slightly when he tweeted below.....

So we are going to assume he did say 'you', but does that mean Abi Branning killed Lucy? Nah. And yes, if you have been following our EastEnders stories here you will know that we had Abi down as suspect number one from the very beginning. However after that last scene, we think it is far more complicated than that.

Max may believe his daughter did it, but that doesn't necessarily mean she did.... perhaps Abi's covering for someone else? Perhaps Jane Beale really did do it?

PERHAPS.... yeah we don't have a feckin breeze anymore, all bets are off. It could have been Lady Di for all we know.

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on RTE1.

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