No marks for guessing that this week's cold open on 'SNL' was going to be about the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

While the trial is now all but guaranteed to end in acquittal after Republicans blocked attempts to bring forward new witnesses and documents, 'SNL' decided to change things up with the version of the impeachment trial everyone wished had happened.

For one, the whole thing changed from a staid political examination into a high-octane reality TV show with Judge Mathis from the reality show of the same name replacing Justice Roberts. From there, it just gets nuttier.

You've got John Bolton in there, referred to as a Lorax from Dr. Seuss, Lindsey Graham in a 'Matlock' suit, Hunter Biden rolling in and vaping while he's at it, and of course, Donald Trump channeling Harvey Weinstein because they "overlap in a few places".

Take a look.